FAQ/Tips for using Delight Games (Full Library)

1) I want more coins and luck!

The fastest way to get coins and luck is to unlock achievements in the game. Here are a bunch of ways to go about this:

  • Play an unlocked book that you haven't played yet. No matter what, finishing a book for the first time unlocks an achievement. 
  • Get the highest rank at the end of the book. This always unlocks an achievement. It may take many replays of a volume to finally get the highest rank.
  • There are tons of "one-off" achievements you can earn through normal game play. These are sprinkled everywhere throughout the dozens of books. Basically, if you play volumes and try different choices, you're going to run into these. 
  • Visit the game everyday and get a free reward of coins and/or luck.

2) When will the next book come out?

It depends. :) The best way to keep up to date is to sends us an email with the title "Add me to the mailing list" in the subject to get on our mailing list. Send it to subscribe@delightgamesllc.com. Also, you can follow us on the social media of your choice.

3) I keep dying in this one spot!

Every volume can be completed; however, there are times when you may have to start over to have your stats high enough to make it through a certain tough part. If you play RPG's you might know what I'm talking about where you go into the final showdown with the boss and you just don't have the life left to make it through.  Even going back to a checkpoint might not be enough. You may have to go back to the beginning. OK, another option is to spends some luck (or coins on Premium) to boost your stats. Boosting stats is no guarantee of success, though!

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