Sam Landstrom

Sam is the owner of Delight Games and the author of several Delight Games titles including the six Wizard's Choice volumes, Zombie High volumes 3-10, and co-written various other Delight Games titles.

In addition, Sam manages the production of all Delight Games titles including writing, software development, editing, testing, and everything else that's required to ship.  When you contact Delight Games, you're usually talking to him.

Sam believes that interactive fiction has the potential to revolutionize reading around the world by bringing great storytelling and interesting scenarios right to the reader on their smartphone or tablet. Millions of Delight Games have been downloaded and the ratings and feedback have convinced him that these simple, but fun interactive novels can help make reading addictive and thinking fun.

Sam  began writing fiction on the bus to and from work. His first novel MetaGame, sold tens of thousands of copies and made it to #2 on Amazon Kindle's best seller list. This experience instilled in Sam the wish to create more fiction and deliver it into the hands of the masses. 

Quick Bio: I like writing (of course), coding, listening to audio books while doing errands (e.g. walking the dogs), snowboarding, mountain biking, and hanging out with my wife and two kids in the Seattle area. 


Michelle Kudelka

Michelle often gets herself into things that she shouldn't, like writing a historical fiction novel that requires more research than actually writing. Apart from her original work Oregon Trail, she is also behind the twisted fairy tale and Frost conversions.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

John Zakour

John Zakour is a humor / sf/ fantasy writer with a Master's degree in Human Behavior. He has written thousand of gags for syndicated comics, comedians and TV shows (including: Rugrats, The tonight show and, Joan River's old TV show.) John currently writes his own syndicated comics, Working Daze and Maria's Day for Universal Press. Working Daze appears in papers all over the world (well the US, Scotland, Canada and Taiwan) and has a regular web following with over 50,000 readers. John also has been a contributor to Nickelodeon magazine writing Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats and Jimmy Neutron comic books. John also writes Simpsons comics for Bongo comics. John has written seven humorous SF novels for Daw books (the first The Plutonium Blonde was named the funniest SF book of 2001 by The Chronicle of Science Fiction), three YA books, four humorous self-help books and three books on HTML. John has also optioned two tv shows and three movies. In the 80s and 90s John was a computer programmer and web guru for Cornell University.

You can find John's new free Zachary Nixon Johnson, Graphic Novel: The Case of the Bionic Dancer here.

For Delight Games, John has written Bionic Bikini 1 & 2 and Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones.

Erin Foster Hartley

Shortly after submitting the manuscripts for Zombie High Volumes 1 and 2, Erin Foster Hartley took a much needed vacation to the jungles of Guatemala, where she was never heard from again. This is her last known photograph.

Robert Kroese

Robert Kroese’s sense of irony was honed growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan – home of the Amway corporation and the Gerald R. Ford Museum, and the first city in the United States to fluoridate its water supply. In second grade, he wrote his first novel, the saga of Captain Bill and his spaceship Thee Eagle. This turned out to be the high point of his academic career. After barely graduating from Calvin College in 1992 with a philosophy degree, he was fired from a variety of jobs before moving to California, where he stumbled into software development. As this job required neither punctuality nor a sense of direction, he excelled at it. In 2009, he called upon his extensive knowledge of useless information and love of explosions to write his first novel, Mercury Falls. Since then, he has written two sequels, Mercury Rises (2011) and Mercury Rests (2012), and a humorous epic fantasy, Disenchanted.

For Delight Games, Robert has written Superhero's Choice and Deep Space Huntress.

William Miller

William Miller lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida where he spends his time working out, playing guitar and telling stories. Check out his thriller Noble Man.

For Delight Games, William has written the entire Detective's Choice series and Pirates Never Die.

Brian Johnson

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brian Johnson is just starting his adventure as a fiction writer. With a background in Journalism and more than fifteen years working on all aspects of software content (where he met Sam), Brian has decided to focus on creative writing. He is excited to work with Sam again and with Delight Games. 

Brian lives in Bothell, Washington and loves to write, watch movies, play lots of tennis, and hang out with family, friends, and his two crazy dogs.

Brian is currently working on the Monster Myths series (among others) for Delight Games.

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Maria Prince

Maria Prince is a game writer, translator, and aspiring horror novelist from Georgia, US. In high school, she wrote a pretty bad fantasy novel (with a sequel and everything!), but at least it was good practice. She moved to Sweden in 2007 after marrying a Swede.

Maria started work at Junebud AB a few years later as a scripting intern (more technical than it sounds), and then as game writer. After the company went under, she began a freelance career in writing and translation. Her hobbies include gaming, comics, and the odd programming project.

For Delight Games, Maria wrote the Witch Saga series.