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Sam Landstrom 


About Delight Games LLC

Delight Games LLC was founded in 2013 by Sam Landstrom. They produce choice-based interactive novels for smartphones and tablets. So far, nearly 6 million Delight Games interactive novels have been downloaded with tens of thousands of ratings and an average rating greater than 4.3 stars. The mission of Delight Games is to help make reading addictive by blurring the line between games and novels.

Bio of founder and other authors: See author bios.

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Delight Games LLC’s Interactive Novel Downloads Exceed Five Million

Screenshots: See Delight Games Art and Delight Games Books.

Quotables: Thanks to store ratings and reviews, there are hundreds of quotes direct from our customers. See Delight Games Books on the various stores. Another great source of customer quotes is from our Delight Games Facebook page. Finally, you can get quotes from the founder in this press release.

Sam Landstrom, founder of Delight Games LLC

Sam Landstrom, founder of Delight Games LLC